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Learn how to surf the wind
The kitesurf is considered an extreme sport and for this is fundamental to be supervised by certified instructors. We are professional riders and we do our best to make you surf. A lesson schedule , made by a team of expert teachers, will guarantee a quick and safe learning. According to everyone’s individual skills it will be necessary from 6 to 9 hours to start surfing. Our lessons include all the equipment : kite, board, trapeze, helmet, lifejacket and a wet suit.


The Discovery Course it has the duration of 3hours on one day.
Is perfect if you want to try but you don’t know yet if you ll like it. Come and try!

Discovery Course 3h group lesson (2students,1 instructor) 100 €

The Beginner Course provides you to have an adequate autonomy in the use of the kite,
knowledge of security procedures and allows you to make the first water start on the board.

Group Lessons 6h 210 €
Private Lessons 6h 300 €

The Intermediate Course It is the right one for all those who want to have a full kitesurfing course. From the beginning until the real rideing
Improve your techniques and navigation skills.

Group Lessons 10h 350 €
Private Lessons 10h 500 €

Private hour 1h 50€

COMPLETE SET (board,kite,trapeze) : 60 € /3 hours - 80 € all day
ONLY KITE 45 €/ 3 hours - 60 € all day
ONLY BOARD 15 €/ 3 hours – 20 € all day

  • Quick release
  • Kite recovery
  • Self-rescue
  • One hand control
  • Board recovery in deep water
  • Body dragging upwind and downwind
  • Steering left and right
  • Kite at neutral
  • Parking the kite
  • Landing and launching
  • Water Relaunch
  • Untwisting the lines
    • Equipment description, set up, and safety drill simulation.
    • Wind and location safety awareness: choosing the right spot and right equipment.
    • Recognize proper weather conditions
    • Kite flying: piloting on land, motor skills, understanding the wind window.
  • Board control exercises and first power strokes
  • Stand up while powering the kite
  • Continuous riding downwind
  • Edging
  • Stopping
  • Accelerating
  • Slowing down
  • Edging harder: going upwind
Wild Wind Sardinia

Wild Wind Sardinia is a spot amateur association which works in Is Solinas (municipality of Masainas) an amazing beach, surrounded by sand dunes and junipers,situated in front of Sant’Antioco island, that gives you a breathtaking landscape and absolutely WILD.

The man in charge of the spot and also instructor of this assotiation is MR. Daniele Domenighini; whit 10 years of kiteing experience and IKO patent, he traveled around the world to share is passion and teach kitesurfing since 2013.

He taught in several countris in the world (Australia,Kenya,Greece,Vietnam,Costarica,Peru) but he fall in love with Sardinia island and Is Solinas.
The association offers a high professionalism in teaching Kitesurfing and Sup. In a few lessons it is guaranteed the basic autonomy in using kite gear. This long experience and huge technical skills of your teacher will satisfy even the most demanding needs.

The Spot,convenient to reach by car through a comfortable paved road, has a large parking where also campers could find place: this parking area is equipped with warm showers, bathrooms and a kiosk sheltered from the wind,which will give the opportunity to have something to eat and drink or an aperitif at the end of the day.


There are several different option to reach Sardinia and in particular our spot.

If you come by plane it is recommended to land at Cagliari Elmas airport and choose one of the several rent-car companies; then take the SS130 road and go along towards Carbonia,easly to reach in a hour,then keep on going ahead towards the destination.

If you come by plane,landing at Cagliari Elmas,but you don’t want to rent a car,it is possible to take a train in direction Carbonia;the railway station is immediately outside the airport.

We’ll organize a transfer,at the customer’s expence, from Carbonia railway station until the accommodation.
Is Solinas is in the South-west of Sardinia and it looks onto the Gulf Od Palmas(municipality of Masainas). This area is considered one of the windiest of Italy and the predominant wind is the Northwest wind.

The spot is reached by winds for over 200days , more than 60% of days in a year. Thanks to the Venturi and thermal effect, due to the particular shape of the bay and the closeness to Sant’ Antioco island, the suitable days to practice Kitesurf might go up until 70%.

The bay, long about 2Km, is characterized by a sandy bottom and low and flat water that stretches until 70-80 m from the the shore and allows to every Rider to have enough space to learn , to practice and make extreme move in complete safety. Our spot offers the ideal conditions for any  level.

The period between April and November is the most suitable to practice kitesurf because the temperatures are always very pleasant.

On our spot really strong winds blow from North and North-West side on and light winds that blow from South and South-West.Thanks to thermal and Venturi effect, the gusts might easily rise up of 5/10 knots even in days where it is forecast weak wind.

The kite school Wild Wind Sardinia is happy to help you to find an ideal accommodation for your needs close to the kite spot of Is Solinas.

We are in collaboration with Agriturismo Is Solinas that is just 2 min from the spot. The accommodation offer singles room, double or triple,whit private bathroom,air conditioned,wifi and parking place, plus a huge choice for the breakfast (product 100%home made)!

Informations about accommodation

+39 345 954 6319

Cell. +39 324 58 42 551

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