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Is Solinas is in the South-west of Sardinia and it looks onto the Gulf Od Palmas(municipality of Masainas). This area is considered one of the windiest of Italy and the predominant wind is the Northwest wind.

The spot is reached by winds for over 200days , more than 60% of days in a year. Thanks to the Venturi and thermal effect, due to the particular shape of the bay and the closeness to Sant’ Antioco island, the suitable days to practice Kitesurf might go up until 70%.

The bay, long about 2Km, is characterized by a sandy bottom and low and flat water that stretches until 70-80 m from the the shore and allows to every Rider to have enough space to learn , to practice and make extreme move in complete safety. Our spot offers the ideal conditions for any  level.

The period between April and November is the most suitable to practice kitesurf because the temperatures are always very pleasant.

On our spot really strong winds blow from North and North-West side on and light winds that blow from South and South-West.Thanks to thermal and Venturi effect, the gusts might easily rise up of 5/10 knots even in days where it is forecast weak wind.
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